Sometimes one has to get out of one’s comfort zone and face new challenges. At we did already a ton of weddings, but when brides started to ask for Bridal Boudoir sessions, we had some cold feet. First we had to start working on our portfolio but not everybody is keen on showing these and would rather keep it for the groom’s eyes only 😉
That’s why we asked Franzi Skamet to be one of our portfolio models, and boy she performed. Not only did she turn out to be one of the best models I ever worked with, on top of it we got many tips how to make a boudoir session easy and relaxed for brides-to-be that have never posed this way for a camera before. Ellen and I learned a lot that day. Thanks Franzi! Also specials thanks to Sarah De Graef for the excellent make up work!

Enjoy! 😉

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I allways wanted to play with Christmas lights ever I came across some examples on Pinterest. And when I suggested it to Katrien & Yves right on the spot, they went all along. And boy, have they been patient, cause it wasn’t easy to spread the lights evenly. Nevertheless, we had a blast 😀

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Hi Guys,

We had some good laughs that day in July, cause the afternoon session for Helena & Geert was a bit of a hit’n run operation. If you want to shoot in Antwerp Central station as a pro photographer, you need to fill out all the necessary papers way in advance. But this session was a bit of a last moment decision so we acted as if everything was okay and didn’t stood around for too long. Nevertheless, pics came out pretty decent, thanks to the charm of these lovebirds.

Anyway, enjoy!


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It was wáy back in 2008 I had my last wedding in Turnhout, my home town. Not so weird after all, since my ‘root’ couples weren’t from around since I started my little business and I don’t do any marketing or advertising. That’s why I was very honoured when Katreine & Hannes asked me to be their wedding photographer a few months ago. Their Passion Session was a lot of fun, it was my first shoot in ‘het Turnhout’s Vennegebied’, but it will nót be the last. Meanwhile they’re married, next post will be all about that!


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Some love shoots are just plain awesome. I know, we wedding photographers tend to overuse this word, taking away the magic that goes with it. But last friday, sun was lucious, heat was bearable, we met a couple that was still sóóó in love after many years and me and Ellen had lots of fun during the shoot. And on top of it all, Iris & Kenny invited us to spend some time at Jeroen Meus’s latest restaurant ‘Würst’. And boy, did we enjoy it, I can recommend it by any means, so delicious.

Okay, enough grattitude, we had some pics taken 😉 If you want to skip directly to the slideshow, here’s the link: Passion Session on Vimeo

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